iPhone Introduced These Big Changes Before Android

The iPhone was launched in 2007, while the first Android phone came out in 2008. During this time, the iPhone made several big changes that were later seen in Android phones.



The iPhone’s design was very different from other smartphones at the time. It had a large, touchscreen display with no buttons. This design was very intuitive for users and was quickly praised. Android phones also began to copy the iPhone’s design, and it has now become the standard for smartphone design.

Gorilla Glass

The iPhone also introduced Gorilla Glass. This is a durable glass that protects the phone’s screen from scratches and falls. Gorilla Glass greatly improved the phone’s durability and made it more attractive to users. Android phones also began to use Gorilla Glass later on.


The iPhone also introduced multitasking. This allows users to run multiple apps at once. Multitasking greatly increased the phone’s usefulness and made it more productive. Android phones also began to use multitasking later on.


The iPhone also introduced a better camera. The iPhone 3G had a 2-megapixel camera, which was much better than the cameras on other phones at the time. The iPhone began to focus on the camera and later models were given better cameras. Today, Android phones also have better cameras.


The iPhone made several new changes to the smartphone market that were later seen in Android phones. These changes made smartphones more useful and attractive.

Detailed analysis

These changes made a significant impact on the smartphone market. In terms of design, the iPhone set a new standard. Gorilla Glass improved the phone’s durability, making it more attractive to users. Multitasking increased the phone’s usefulness, making it more productive. And better cameras made photography and videography easier and more convenient.

These changes also boosted competition in the smartphone market. Android phone manufacturers were forced to provide the same features and experience as the iPhone. This helped the development and improvement of Android phones.

The iPhone also helped to make smartphones more common and more popular. The success of the iPhone led to widespread adoption of the smartphone market. Today, smartphones are one of the most popular types of computers in the world.

These changes played a major role in shaping the smartphone industry. The iPhone made smartphones more convenient, durable, and useful.

Additional information

The iPhone was also the first smartphone to use a multi-touch display, which allowed users to interact with the phone by touching and dragging their fingers. This was a major innovation that made the iPhone much more user-friendly than other smartphones at the time.

The iPhone also introduced the App Store, which allowed users to download and install apps from a variety of sources. This greatly expanded the functionality of the iPhone and made it a more versatile device.

The iPhone’s impact on the smartphone market has been profound. The phone’s innovative design, features, and apps helped to make smartphones ubiquitous and essential to modern life.

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