Manobala Biography

Manobala is a renowned Indian actor and filmmaker who has made a significant contribution to the Tamil Film industry. He has appeared in more than 800 films and is remowned for his diverse acting abilities. In addition to performing, he has also written screenplas and directed a number of films.

Well examine more closely at Manobalas life and career in this blog article as well as how he rose to become one of the most prominent performers in the Tamil cinema industry.

BornBalachander, Tamil Nadu, India
Birth Date8 December 1953
Died3 May 2023
Other NamesMano
OccupationActor, Producer, Director
SpouseUsha Mahadevan

Childhood and Career

On december 8, 1953, Manobala was born in tamil nadu town of sivagangai. He finished high school in his hometown and afterwards attended loyola college in chennai to earn a degree in business. But his love of acting drove him to leave college and pursure a career in the movie business.

Manobala started out in the movie business as a comic and a supporting actor. The 1980 release of Nenjathai Killathe, a Tamil film, served as his debut feature. Despite having a minor part in the film it served as the launchpad for his lucrative career. In the beginning he had brief appearances in films like Ninaithale Lnikkum, Bill, and Puthiya Vaarpugal.

Manobala began to play more important roles in films starting in the middle of the 1980s. In the financially successful film Kuladeivam, he played the starring role. Additionally, he made cameo appearances in films like Mouna Ragam, Kadhal Oviyam, and Enakkul Oruvan. His roles started to diversify in the late 1980s as he began to get more notice for his acting abilities.

Career in Acting

Manobala has appeared in more than 900 films during the course of his four decade acting career. He is renowned for his adaptability and has portrayed both evil and comedic characters in films. His performances in Aboorva Sagodharargal, Chinna Thambi, and Karna are among of his most enduring ones.

Manobala has acted in over30 films and has also directed over 30. In 1985, he made his directing debut with the financially successul films Kanguma Pottu Gounder. He then went on to helm a number of other Incrative films, including.

Pandithurai and Chinna Pasanga Naanga. Manobala is remowned for his work as a screenwriter and has contributed to the screenplays of several popular movies.

Awards and Recognition

Manobala has received several honours for his services to the motion picture business. He received the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Comedian in 1990 for his performance in the film Nadigan. He was also a finalist for the same honour for his performances in Rajathi Raja and Aboorva Sagodharargal.

Manobala received recognition for his services to the cinema industry in 2015 when the Tamil Nadu government gave him the Kalaimamani award. The honour is granted to people who have significantly improved the disciplines of literature and art.

Private Life

Manobala is a married father of two kids. In the film business, his son Harish Kalyan also works as an actor. Manobala has participated in a number of humanitarian endeavours and is well renowned for his philanthropic endeavours. In addition, he enjoys playing cricked and has ties to the Tamil Nadu Premier League.


Manobala has made important contributions to the south indian cinema industry as both a skilled actor and director. He has appeared in over 900 films throughout the course of a career spanning over four decades, and he has also directed over 30. Manobala has received several accolades and accaim for his range of performing performances.

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